The Centers

Hyperbaric Oxygen Treatment Center of Southern Oregon (the “Center”) now has two locations to serve our communities. Our Center serving the Rogue Valley is housed in the Bear Creek Medical Plaza (“Bear Creek”), where members of the Hyperbaric team also have their independent medical practices. We are excited to announce the opening of our newest Center, housed in the Town and Country Center, to serve the Klamath Valley.

The Center’s principal, B. Monte Stewart, MD, is a board-certified general surgeon, owner, and director of Bear Creek Surgery. Dr. Stewart uses HBOT as an adjunctive treatment for his surgery patients both before and after an operation, which he has found decreases swelling and scarring, and improves overall healing and recovery times. Dr. Stewart also uses HBOT to help treat his surgery patients’ persistent wounds, as well as failed skin grafts and flaps.

In addition to community physician referrals to our Centers, Bear Creek Medical Plaza is home to several other practitioners servicing the Center. Zakir Ali, MD, is a board-certified neurologist and director of Jefferson Neurology. Dr. Zakir uses HBOT at the Center in combination with other treatments therapy for his patients suffering from debilitating neurological conditions, including certain types of strokes, MS, neuropathy, and others. Bear Creek is also home to board-certified internal medicine specialist Wendy Schilling, MD, and supported by physician assistant Katherine Sadzewicz, P.A-C. They use HBOT in conjunction with other treatments for conditions like concussions and traumatic brain injuries (TBI), reflex sympathetic dystrophy, arthritic conditions, and certain complex chronic pain presentations. It is a major advantage for the Center to be associated with these independent practices, as HBOT is often administered as an adjunctive treatment in combination with other modalities and services.

Practitioners serving the Klamath Valley Center will is B. Monte Stewart, MD, Zakir Ali, MD, supported by physician assistants Andrea Moore, PA-C, and Carla Bloem, PA-C.

Each of the Center’s providers is certified in HBOT. The Center is proud to be the first independent non-hospital HBOT provider in Southern Oregon to use medical-grade HBOT  hard-chamber technology, which is the same technology found in hospital-based units. The Sechrist H series chambers employed at the Center use 100% pure oxygen and are capable of reaching the pressures necessary to treat any condition indicated for HBOT.

The Rogue Valley Office

The Klamath Falls Office